A geometric design with emphasize on analog elements. The watch face supports two calendar systems (Standard Gregorian and Persian). It includes both English and Persian languages and comes with two color themes.

Get  Eastern Geometry Watch Face on Google Play

A watch face for Wear OS with analog hands and geometric design. The clock consists of 12 sectors. These sectors turn on and off as the analog hands rotate around the clock in such a way that always sectors below the hour and minute hands are turned off. Each sector is like a triangle, but adjacent sectors overlap. Each sector covers 5 minutes.

By user's tap on the center of the watch face, it displays an overlay with the current time in digital format as well as additional information such as current date (in both Persian calendar and Gregorian dates) and two complications.

Two complications of user's choice (such as battery percentage or steps count) can be displayed. You can add or change the complication by referring to customization options.

Two color themes are available for background which you can choose in customization options. It supports both square and circular (round) smartwatches.