Hi, I am Behrooz. I am a software developer and I have been coding for many years. Welcome to Honare Hendesi! The phrase “Honare Hendesi” means “Geometric Art” in Persian language. I built this website to promote watch faces I am creating. Inspired by Persian arts and eastern geometry, the common theme of these watch faces is eastern geometry. Most of these watch faces are equipped by Persian calendar and Farsi fonts. however, all of them can display standard Gregorian calendar in English by default. I have planned to release special editions with Hijri Calendar and Arabic fonts soon. These watch faces are free to download. I hope you enjoy them. Please follow @HonareHendesi on Instagram or Twitter to get informed once I release new watch faces or update current ones with new features. You can find the links to social media profiles on the footer of website.

Which brands/models are supported?

At the moment, the watch faces on this website are only available for Wear OS smartwatches. These include about 33 models of more than 10 brands. Most notable of them are Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, Suunto 7, TicWatch Pro 3 and Fossil Gen 6. Soon I will provide a full list of supported models here on the website. Initially I also compiled these watch faces for Tizen OS (on Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 and 3 series) but I am not granted the privilege to publish on Samsung Galaxy Store, yet. Maybe I do that in near future; or perhaps I publish a simplified edition of these watch faces on platforms such as Facer, WatchMaker and TimeFlik later.

Why did I start creating watch faces?

The watch faces I am creating are combination of programming algorithms, artistic styling, and geometry. I have been thinking about starting an artistic activity, as a hubby, for a while. I wanted to soothe my mind with some sort of art-related hubby, after a typical working day. These days media talk a lot about IoT (Internet of Things), and I was curious to enter into this new field of technology and smartwatches were a perfect candidate to study IoT. Besides, by designing watch faces, not only I could start learning more about this technology, but also, I could satisfy my desire to start an artistic activity. The products you can see on Honare Hendesi are those projects that I have finished and published so far on Google Play Store. But there are more (and hopefully better) works on the way. Honare Hendesi is a personal project and a hubby I do in my spare time, and I hope I continue it for the coming years.

Why did I choose to reflect geometric arts in watch face designs?

Although I pursued a career in software development, once I started my independent life as an adult, when I was in high school, I was particularly interested in geometry. Ironically, in Persian language, the words “engineer” and “geometry” have a common root and “engineer” means “someone who know geometry”. This reflects our cultural interest in geometry since our great mathematicians such as Omar Khayyam in the past centuries (the poet who invented Persian Calendar) and Maryam Mirzakhani in contemporary era (who won the first Fields Medal in math as a woman) had special interests in geometry. Therefore, in my view, geometry, art, and engineering are all different facets of the same thing.

Honare Hendesi is a personal initiative and an endeavor to embody an ancient interest in a new form, a modern technology. It is a composition of a geometric enthusiasm and a technological achievement. To me, this project is an exciting opportunity to utilize my little knowledge in software development to reflect that cultural enthusiasm in art and geometry. I hope you like it.